A "Different" Digital Advertising Company

We are Transformative!
Different Focus

Our philosophy is that "Attention Time" and "Engagement" are the most important outcomes
of Digital Advertising

Proprietary Ad Tech

Our proprietary technology primarily focuses on enhancing and increasing "Attention Time"
and "Engagement"

Superior Solutions

Much higher return on advertising spend for advertisers

Much higher revenue for publishers

Superior user experience for Customers

Why we are Transformative!

With our unique interactive ads, we enhance viewers "Attention Time" and "Engagement".

30%-50% of viewers, who see our ads, interact with them, which is 15-25 times higher than industry standard. This results in significantly higher customer engagement and sales.

We constantly monitor the performance of the ads using real-time analytics. We adjust graphics and calls-to-action (CTA) "on the fly" to maintain the highest performance of the ads throughout the campaign.

We serve direct ads as opposed to programmatic.