Digital Advertising

Smart Interactive Digital Advertising Solution ©
Digital Advertising Challenges We Have Resolved
Banner Blindness
"banner blindness"

Impressions don't mean customers really saw the ad

Advertisers pay for clicks, but the value of a click is a "questionable" KPI

Viewer Drop
Increased click through ratio

Huge viewer drop from the ad to advertiser's landing page

Intrusive Ads
Reduced ads intrusiveness

Ads are becoming increasingly intrusive and annoying

Less Ad Space
Increased available ad spots

Increase in mobile usage
Less screen real estate

AdsOnline Solution to the Challenges
Smart Interactive Digital Advertising Solution (SIDAS)©
SIDAS significantly enhances consumer engagement and "Attention Time" ensuring that our brand clients reach "smart and qualified" audiences and that our publisher clients increase their digital advertising revenue. SIDAS products include:
DigiBoard ®

Smart and interactive
Digital Billboard

SmartBanner ®

Smart and interactive
Digital Banner

How we benefit...

Increase the advertising real estate resulting in significantly higher customer engagement and sales

Increase customer engagement and sale

Traffic stays on the Publisher’s sites and not routed out

Serves direct ads as opposed to programmatic

Goes through Google Ad Manager with detailed stats

No conflict with other ad networks, i.e. Google AdSense

Fast and easy implementation on any site

DB & SB sizes may be customized to your requirements

Interactive and memorable ads result in more consumer attention time & increased brand awareness and sales

Always above the fold (Sticky), Impressions = Pageviews

Qualified and informed leads reduce insignificant clicks. Cheaper to service a well informed customer

Goes through Google Ad Manager with detailed stats

Direct ads, i.e. targeted advertising

Entire campaigns can run on the DB & SB, like surveys, etc.

Traffic stays on the Publisher's sites = better user experience

Interactive & Memorable ads = Increased Brand Awareness

Ads not intrusive

Convenient, faster and seamless buying experience

Traffic stays on the site. Better user experience

Better informed customers make better choices